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Recent Comments
+1 321-663-1599
16.06.2019 - 08:25:02

does not leave unsafe message calls over and over

+1 706-421-0962
16.06.2019 - 06:15:02

Min hello, I finished calling. No answer or voicemail recalled. No answer to the text.

+1 506-706-9492
16.06.2019 - 06:05:02

He wasn't at home, and he didn't stay in msgs ...

+1 256-716-8856
16.06.2019 - 05:35:01

The SSN violation wants you to speak to a "researcher". no thanks Alabama

+1 855-647-5427
16.06.2019 - 05:20:01

Fake Microsoft technical support. You don't want to give these guys your money; you can't fix anything and undo it.

+1 858-784-1948
16.06.2019 - 05:00:01

It's not exactly safe, he just told me he's working with the sheriff!

+1 215-346-7925
16.06.2019 - 04:45:02

I received a call from this number stating they were anti-Social Security Fraud

+1 248-882-0094
16.06.2019 - 03:40:01

POS fraud. Order big order and never came. Avoid this idiot.

+1 951-269-4012
16.06.2019 - 03:20:02

I get texts from this phone number stating that they are "Federal Location Services" and then tell me to call them with a case number that they provide to "prevent further escalation". When I call, they ask for personal information and they say they can't give any details about the case ...

+1 623-201-0500
16.06.2019 - 03:05:02

This is a fat bitch who can give her father's day when she shares his wife and daughters with any man, so they can watch them take the girl and the wife. puts dildo in her ass

+1 989-545-1503
16.06.2019 - 02:55:01

U do fake or just do it to save money

+1 914-479-9101
16.06.2019 - 02:05:02

You left me a 4-minute voicemail outside of silence.

+1 724-202-1999
16.06.2019 - 02:00:02

[protected e-mail] is an e-mail directed by an automated voice, because any agent is "always busy" ... I think this is a scam to collect active numbers and e-mail addresses for resale. Do not press # 2 and e-mail them to add them to their lists. You will ...

+1 647-525-0206
16.06.2019 - 01:50:02

this number 6475250206 cibc sent a text telling me that my account is locked, click a link to update. stupid. I don't have a cibc account

+1 202-320-4910
16.06.2019 - 01:40:02

The Social Security Administration has marked your SS # for suspicious activity and will be suspended. This is going crazy ... Whoever's behind this has to stay locked.

+1 973-888-0607
16.06.2019 - 01:25:01

The "Build Wall" foundation seeking donations for the border wall.

+1 234-231-3432
16.06.2019 - 00:50:01

They called me on my cell phone and left me no answer. I called them from the landline and didn't answer the phone. This phone number is very suspicious.

+1 252-323-0054
16.06.2019 - 00:25:02

Fraud "Press one, so we can verify your business with Google." Just some shy company is trying to associate itself with Google to fool sheep.

+1 619-536-0015
16.06.2019 - 00:05:01

I'm going to be arrested and robbed by the SSN claiming that I should hold it because the SSN is suspended and the case will go to the Federal Damage Court.

+1 701-499-2573
15.06.2019 - 23:30:02

Moron is making a video call and the video call is not available

+1 608-205-4498
15.06.2019 - 23:25:02

People who call for my son hang up when I tell them you're not here. I called again to find out what it was about and I was closed again. There's no way that's a respectable business. Idiot!

+1 561-440-7008
15.06.2019 - 23:15:02

Missed call and call back and robo call only line. This is the fourth number that turned me over this morning. I answered one and the connection was broken.

+1 424-570-5694
15.06.2019 - 22:25:01

Send unwanted SMS messages to random phone numbers claiming fraud against your Social Security Number. Beware, THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT RESPONSE to these messages!

+1 250-922-5892
15.06.2019 - 22:00:01

From this number, I received this text claiming that this Royal Bank (RBC) bank account was disabled for security reasons. Being an old Computer Repair Technician and being knowledgeable about online safety and becoming too familiar with too many scam, I knew this was it. I had a website connection that was not RBC ...

+1 513-874-9026
15.06.2019 - 21:50:01

I hung up, I didn't hear anyone. has tried to call back and is not receiving incoming calls.