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Recent Comments
+1 937-203-7787
19.09.2019 - 05:45:02

Spam / scam. Freeandom sends text messages, some for girls who want f # &%, some texts are LIKE THE NUMBER I CAN REACH ON NEXT DAYS. The idea is to respond so that they can access your information.

+1 410-451-2020
19.09.2019 - 05:15:01

I received an unwanted call from this number at 9:27 am on Friday, long after business negotiations had to be done. Of course, thanks to the greed of the telephone company, we don't know if it's the main source of the call.

+1 414-928-7327
19.09.2019 - 04:55:01

The caller said he came from VISA Master Card Services and wanted to tell ALL of my cards that they would lower interest rates because of my excellent payment history - all I had to do was read the full card number and expiration date, and the CVS code ...

+1 877-657-3111
19.09.2019 - 04:30:02

said you should call for important legal affairs

+1 800-226-6836
19.09.2019 - 04:00:02

The recorded voice said the call came from the Social Security Administration and called because there was a suspicious activity in my account. Press 1 to handle the status. A man with an Arabic accent asked, "How can I help you?" He answered. I told him you were looking for me. He hung up.

+1 315-291-6327
19.09.2019 - 03:55:01

threats against me for legal action but does not give real details

+1 818-629-1908
19.09.2019 - 03:40:02

This number continues to call me at 818-629-1908 by selling car insurance or Motherboard at the same number.

+1 866-486-9795
19.09.2019 - 03:10:02

It was identified in relation to my phone company and I had to call back. I logged in stupidly because the message sounded legible and I logged in with my PIN. He said it wasn't the right number (I knew), so he immediately entered my online account and changed all of my information.

+1 805-729-0414
19.09.2019 - 02:25:01

I'm sure the call didn't come from Santa Barbara, as the Caller ID says

+1 586-883-1366
19.09.2019 - 02:10:02

Robo talks about extending my search car warranty

+1 917-385-2587
19.09.2019 - 01:50:01

I got stupid romance / *** spam from this number.

+1 951-575-1552
19.09.2019 - 01:25:02

Possible scam. When I didn't have a student loan, I was offered to pay a student loan.

+1 817-842-7394
19.09.2019 - 01:05:02

SCAMCaller left a message stating ... Your Social Security Number has been suspended ... First of all, the SS did not call, and secondly, they do not have the number they are calling.

+1 747-272-6655
19.09.2019 - 00:45:01

If you give 5-star comments on Amazon gift texts, the most recent purchases with them. If you don't have an actual account, or when most things are free, ask to get 99.00 annually to get free. This must be a scam. Same message from 3 different numbers.

+1 240-817-5330
19.09.2019 - 00:30:01

Automatic message stating that someone has been hired by me, but never mention a complaint against me to process and facilitate. They continue to say that they need to make an address and employment verification and call this number to use my rights or they will be taken away ...

+1 724-804-8598
19.09.2019 - 00:00:01

This number is being used by someone as part of a Craigslist identity theft scam. They rented an apartment they rented, then "Can you make a basic credit check before going forward for the goods you will return 1 dollar?" Did you ask?

+1 916-287-1032
18.09.2019 - 23:00:01

Fake phone number. This is not their real number. Directs you to an irrelevant business

+1 207-223-7430
18.09.2019 - 22:30:01

I tried calling her back, but all she said was "goodbye." Do not bother ....

+1 814-822-0622
18.09.2019 - 22:05:02

I received a voicemail from 814-822-0622 threatening legal proceedings related to my Social Security. This is a well-known scam and those looking for prison criminals!

+1 518-468-0248
18.09.2019 - 21:20:01

The phone answered "scam likely, who is it?" It was said "**** you, God forbid by the unwanted seeker.

+1 888-212-0544
18.09.2019 - 21:05:01

The Dell computer is claimed to be with customer service. Thick Indian (dot not feather) accent. SCAM !!!!!!!

+1 800-675-6183
18.09.2019 - 20:55:01

These are Total Credit Collections or sometimes they call "ARGP" or Canada Revenue Agency Collection Line

+1 833-601-5544
18.09.2019 - 20:30:01

Automatic search identified itself as the Social Security Administration, I found out that you suspected my SSN based on suspicious activity in the state of Texas (I'm in Kentucky). You will call this number as soon as possible as soon as the SSN is suspended.

+1 864-285-7849
18.09.2019 - 20:00:02

This caller stated that he was from the United States Grant Division. He said I was chosen to receive a grant to my bank account. I refused to give him my details, and he said, "**** you" and hung up.

+1 832-760-0638
18.09.2019 - 19:40:02

A call has been received from this number. There may be a catfish status. Yours sincerely, Yvonne Mendez