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Recent Comments
+1 917-725-5197
17.08.2019 - 22:10:02

The Social Security Administration claims to be a robo-call scam. He says my SSN was suspended for fraud (not anything) and because it hit "1".

+1 877-770-4998
17.08.2019 - 20:35:02

He called (again) and didn't leave a message. Caller ID said robocaller - don't answer!

+1 321-441-9376
17.08.2019 - 19:45:01

The man claimed that he needed a nurse for his father and asked me to pay me with an approved check. I asked for my banking information

+1 703-774-7470
17.08.2019 - 18:55:01

Forcing some “cancer kits için for the elderly with a family cancer history. Anger! Don't bother answering.

+1 914-863-7541
17.08.2019 - 18:30:01

They want to define social media ... lol SCAMMERS!

+1 231-327-9855
17.08.2019 - 17:45:01

For some reason, this is associated with my wife's name. But he's never been to MI, and that's not his number.

+1 816-307-3150
17.08.2019 - 16:45:01

I didn't answer, but I called the number back. The registration stated that they are Sunrise Credit Services, but when I looked at the SCS website, it did not list 816-307-3150 as a contact number. I dig a little more, you realize the phone's from Kansas City.

+1 281-844-8596
17.08.2019 - 16:40:01

He left a voice message saying that this call was made by the Social Security Administration and my social security number was suspended due to suspicious activity.

+1 727-254-4419
17.08.2019 - 16:00:02

I got a call from this number. This is Shelma Lee. I'm on every DNC list. They tried to sell me solar panels under the name Solar USA. Later, Smart Home Solar USA. I told them they weren't listed as a business in FL. They told me they worked outside Jackson, NV (man ...

+1 780-493-9573
17.08.2019 - 15:35:02

Call Scam. They said they came from WestJet and I had a vacation.

+1 778-300-0860
17.08.2019 - 14:45:02

Phuking stupid fraud No social security in Canada

+1 248-574-5243
17.08.2019 - 13:30:02

This is Kate, please call me, I got the loan you were talking to.

+1 866-887-8997
17.08.2019 - 12:25:02

I got five missed calls from this number.

+1 438-923-1886
17.08.2019 - 08:40:02

This phone number contacted my friends, jumped into account and tried to steal using credit card

+1 423-665-1106
17.08.2019 - 08:30:02

masturbation, you say hello and no answer after ten seconds

+1 800-565-7161
17.08.2019 - 07:50:02

800-565-7161 He is not an American fraudster or an American fraudster, but should be arrested and accused before charges of social security fraud. Wants% scammer ...

+1 403-589-9155
17.08.2019 - 07:40:01

How do you get your 20-year-old cell phone from this predatory website? They ignored me for 2 weeks and did not put me down!

+1 714-579-8057
17.08.2019 - 07:30:01

If you call this number back, it will not be available. Fake number. The contact uses fraud tactics linked to this number, so it cannot be tracked back. They probably have bad intentions.

+1 202-573-3754
17.08.2019 - 05:50:02

He calls on people who are miserable and threatening because they are not happy with their lives. If you block them, they will call you at a different number. This man really does not have life and I pray one day to find peace and happiness.

+1 352-201-3891
17.08.2019 - 05:05:02

Probably a fake trick. No messages left

+1 443-805-3730
17.08.2019 - 04:15:02

I've known him for about 2 years and I've met his ex-lover Shadana (Shay). I guarantee you you're an honest and good man. She left earlier this year because she felt pain, unbalanced and unfaithful. I know the whole story, and I've seen it a lot. Wrong for a woman.

+1 207-613-5034
17.08.2019 - 04:00:01

He called me about my Craigslist ad. I sent google verification code "to make sure I'm not a cheater". This is a scam.

+1 407-970-3216
17.08.2019 - 02:20:02

He sent a random text saying he had rented it, and when I asked who it was, they never answered.

+1 800-727-2682
17.08.2019 - 01:35:01

law enforcement fraud about security guards. These people are changing their numbers and blowing up my phone.

+1 360-627-4866
17.08.2019 - 00:10:01

Based on information displayed by Caller ID only, a call was received from my 360-627-4866 location at 9:03 pm PDT on Tuesday, July 2, 2019. The "Name" field for this robbery showed "UNITED STATES G", the recorded message was sent by "Credit Card Awards ...