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Recent Comments
+1 888-674-6686
13.11.2019 - 00:30:02

Computer generated voice with a British accent left a message about "suspicious activity" on my social security number and asked that I call back. So I did (using *67 to block my caller id on their end). Another computer generated voice with a heavily British accent informed me that this was...

+1 800-573-3351
24.10.2019 - 04:55:01

I have an automated message saying that my iCloud account is at risk. I don't believe Apple officially communicates like this.

+1 720-722-4239
24.10.2019 - 04:45:02

Beagle puppies for sale from Craigslist from SCAM. He says he's in San Antonio. He places money on Venom, then puts more pressure before agreeing to meet somewhere. SUPER weird. Sends strange text, prints for extra fees. Attention! June 22, 2019

+1 762-212-3320
24.10.2019 - 04:40:02

Meanwhile, there are no importers in Brazil and nothing in Brazil.

+1 415-505-1966
24.10.2019 - 04:35:02

However, MJ aka Lorelei Octavo continued to be with me and continued to communicate with me months after sending these lies, slanders and deformations. Not to mention twice failed, he arranged for me to be arrested with false charges.

+1 210-529-7014
24.10.2019 - 04:20:02

I received this message from this number: your computer service will be automatically renewed by Christian ...

+1 778-786-0192
24.10.2019 - 03:40:02

Spam text for the conservative party supports blue. Claim to be a man named Sarah

+1 813-381-8996
24.10.2019 - 03:30:01

A very strange caller leaves unstable calls in the background speech voice messages. You will be notified if you contact them.

+1 815-496-5300
24.10.2019 - 03:25:01

These people called 20 times a day! I'm not interested in your heartbroken windows. I stop text and they ignore it. Saturday, Sunday, it doesn't matter to a moron.

+1 281-869-6587
24.10.2019 - 02:20:02

This is a nigger complaining that Cory Booker wants to give all working white tax money to the LGBQ community instead of negators.

+1 615-378-0356
24.10.2019 - 01:50:02

RELIABLE CALLER !!! The caller said to call back immediately, or they will suspend any activity on my Social Security number.

+1 618-218-0152
24.10.2019 - 01:30:01

This is very funny because I'm probably 10 minutes late because of traffic, because I drove over $ 40 million for $ 10 million and I did other things to help your wife because you're a poor diaper for being a constant father. Or help him look after his kids, but no ...

+1 844-218-1004
24.10.2019 - 00:10:02

"Your credit account is now in default. For an unlimited period of time, they said that we can help you get this payment by offering a 30% discount on your balance. Take advantage of this opportunity before the end of the ...

+1 434-221-3129
23.10.2019 - 23:55:01


+1 817-422-0528
23.10.2019 - 23:10:02

A missed call was made with an answering machine that left a message from this number and then from 682-422-4524; When I called the number later, the recorded message said it was my vet, but it wasn't their message. I called my veterinarian's real number, and it's not my vet. These two numbers are also ...

+1 216-236-9894
23.10.2019 - 23:00:02

Mexican music plays when you call back, and it never answers.

+1 304-409-1876
23.10.2019 - 22:35:02

This same number was called to my office several times. When the call is answered, there are only 30 running water records that repeat.

+1 503-852-5429
23.10.2019 - 21:50:02

503-852-5429 - UNSAFE. Debt collection. Harassment and Threats.

+1 916-947-2831
23.10.2019 - 20:45:02

Telemarketers. I just added a service for robo calls and thought I should test it. Automatic message about my big credit. Blocking and possibly not serving.

+1 413-406-1135
23.10.2019 - 19:15:02

I received a text message to call the number. The following text message: , we are trying to talk to you about postponing edu billbalance and even emptying it completely. no.07-1619 Contact us directly 866-851-4791

+1 704-311-3633
23.10.2019 - 19:10:01

Pretending you're in a cooperative department, call 1-8668029311. He wants you to give me a case number. If this were true, the sheriff's debts will present you with documents at home or you will receive something in the mail.

+1 888-442-2603
23.10.2019 - 18:35:01

Microsoft Trojan left this on my computer. They're looking for financial information.

+1 512-710-2989
23.10.2019 - 18:30:02

Rude text message from this number in the middle of the night.

+1 864-360-7010
23.10.2019 - 17:40:01

He claimed I hit his car while I was trying to get my car insurance information. I don't have a car, I don't even drive, I'm kidding. He was intimidating, threatening me, so I hung up and called the police.

+1 281-377-8986
23.10.2019 - 16:25:02

Complete the BS scam. Left voice mail. Don't call them back. Their mother should be ashamed that her children have grown up to "be".